What are the most demanded remote jobs today?

With the spread of gadgets providing easy access to the internet from anywhere, working online has become a growing trend in the last years. The internet has no state borders and has opened endless opportunities for businesses all over the world. They now have a galore of tools to promote their products, attract new customers, and expand their businesses with. But as much as the web is useful for businesses, it can be extremely beneficial for you as well.

A bad thing about the power of the Internet is that it is now difficult to find something worthy in the tons and tons of useless information. It’s the same in regard to remote jobs. To slightly help you with that, we have prepared a little list of the most demanded remote jobs in 2017.

What are the most demanded remote jobs today?

Whether the decision to look for a freelance job is just an additional way to increase the household budget or a way to be your own boss and enjoy all the freedom, freelancing is the ever-growing digital trend and businesses’ beloved tool for cutting costs.

But where you could start from? There are plenty of freelance platforms you could sign up to and start writing content, creating artwork, developing programs, and generally do anything you like on. Here are some of the most popular freelancing networks:

UpWork is a good place to start at. It offers well-paid projects, both long- and short-term, and features a secure payment milestone system.

Freelancer works in the same way as UpWork, but it has some more competitiveness to it. This both means that you have more tools to prove your worth with and that it will be more difficult to get noticed. Nonetheless, Freelancer is a great network for anyone.

If you for some reason couldn’t manage to find the perfect place in the Freelancer and UpWork community, Guru may be a good alternative.

The Toptal is a little bit different because they actually only provide other businesses with freelance software engineers, designers, and financiers.

99 Design
This network is similar to Toptal, but its specialization is limited by design.

The Creative Group
Being yet another specialized freelancer network, The Creative Group is designed for photographers, writers, copywriters, and creative designers.

Simply Hired
At the moment, Simply Hired hires freelancers in only 24 countries. This platform is remarkable for its pay-per-click employer advertising model.

PeoplePerHour is more like a web-focused network and is a good place for SEO specialists, marketers, and software engineers.

Virtual Instruction
Virtual instruction is a growing trend because it allows hundreds and thousands of people around the world to gain new knowledge without leaving their homes. It is another good field to try your skills in.

But unlike freelancing, it is much more difficult to find and then keep the job of a virtual instructor. Plus, you will be paid less. Though you can easily get hired with a bachelor degree in a relevant field and have zero experience, you may be quickly get kicked out if you don’t meet the requirements even a little bit. So overall, it is difficult to get your journey started here.

Content Writing
Because the keywords are the basis of the so important search engine optimization (SEO), content writers are maybe the most demanded employees online. They can be quite high-paid, but don’t think that qualifying for the job will be easy.

If you really want to become a successful content writer, you would need to perfectly know the grammar of the language you are going to write in, create stylistically appealing content, be able to do quick research, and, most importantly, put the keywords where they need to be. As you probably won’t discover your writing talents outside your job, why not give content writing a chance and see if it works out?

Software Engineers
The other side of content creation and the whole online business is computer software. IT specialists are in exceptional demand because without them, nothing we have today would have been possible. And they still can create whole new things.

But besides a great idea, one would need to have specific knowledge of computer programming languages at the very least, not to mention mathematics and computer logic. But if you know what to do and have been searching for some java remote jobs, give software engineering a go.

The web now provides us with limitless opportunities for remote jobs, but earning money online is not an easy thing. Don’t think that you are the only one who came up with the idea of working online.

Especially with the wide availability of the Internet in 2017, you have to worry about constantly perfecting your skills and looking out for your competitors. The Internet is open for you but so it is for everyone else.